The Cork and the Bottle

Cora Buhlert

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When the landlord of "The Cork and the Bottle" ends up dead in a puddle of blood on the floor of his own pub, the case seems clear. The teen burglars who broke into the pub to steal the contents of the till are the culprits.

But there are things about the case that just don't add up. And eventually, Detective Inspector Helen Shepherd begins to suspect that the killers are to be found much closer to home…

This is a crime short of 4400 words or approx. 14 print pages altogether.


Tags: murderfamily
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The Cork and the Bottle

The Cork and the Bottle

The Cork and the Bottle was a typical workmen’s pub of the kind that was rapidly disappearing all over the country, all dark wood and worn leather, crown glass and brass. On either side, chromium-gleaming coffee bars and trendy boutiques were putting the squeeze on The Cork and the Bottle, but i……

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