The Nara Reaction

M. L. Buchman

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“Far in advance of anything else ever written on future space life involving life systems-biospheres.”-Abigail Alling and Mark Nelson, scientists of the two-year Biosphere 2 enclosure experiment

-the complete Nara apocalyptic saga-

The Crash and Smash destroyed the most feared race in history. All but one. Ri, the child warrior: Born of the shattered streets of Nara, Japan. Where books burn to heat the night.

Her rescue exposes humanity to the greatest warrior of the modern age. The likes of which it can no longer control.

Bryce, the clone of the world’s cruelest dictator, tends bar and hides from his past.

When the Earth dies, only one chance remains. Work together. But they must hurry, before they’re both caught by The Nara Reaction


Tags: RomanceWarrior
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“Good morning, Jeffers.”

She smiled, “Olias, you old beast. How are you today?” She was past formality. Such things had become unimportant lying here.

She opened her eyes. She was alone.

His mental voice actually sounded as gruff as his spoken one. “Listen. Feel. And you will know how we are.”

“Not you, too.”<……

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