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This is Prospero’s darkest hour. The few remaining humans trapped within the quarantine zone are all but defenseless against the multiplying forces of the Sliver Queen, Locusta. With Ben missing, Aldo among the enemy ranks, and more steel plates than bones left in her body, Mina’s passing the hours drowning in morphine and throwing heavy objects at her guards.

Stripped of her weapons, her gadgets, and the Network itself, she has just one card left, hidden somewhere under her oft-sutured skin. It might be powerful enough to complete her life’s work once and for all… or to reach the one person who could make her life into more than a means to an end. But playing it will cost everything she has, or everything she believes in.

The final chronicle of Prospero waits in these pages.


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31. Promises

31. Promises





The heat of summer had broken on the day when Mom drove us out to the town limits, as if the sky had finally remembered that this was Northern California, and that we no longer lived under a stifling force field.

I sat in the back of the new SUV, next to Mina, with Aldo on her othe……

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