Six Scifi Stories Volume Four

Robert Jeschonek

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In these pages, Robert Jeschonek will take you on a tour of the wildest places and people you've never imagined. You've never met anyone quite like 12:30 P.M., the fugitive time fragment...Frieda, the killer-haunting e-ghost...or Patty, the lunatic vagrant who keeps seeing Tijuana, Mexico where Cape Cod, Massachusetts should be. Don't miss these edgy, exciting, and surprising science fiction tales by a Star Trek and Doctor Who author. It’s the latest collection from award-winning storyteller Robert Jeschonek, a master of unique and unexpected science fiction that really packs a punch. This volume includes six scifi stories for one low price.


Tags: ActionAdventureSexStar trek
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Tijuana, Massachusetts-3

She didn't know how much later it was when she woke, but time had passed.

She lay on a cot in a simple, windowless room with white adobe walls. A single light bulb hung from the ceiling above her, glowing dimly. The room smelled of coffee and antiseptic.

Patty felt cool for the first time all day. The nub between her eyes was cool……

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