Lion: Call of the Shifter

Valerie Mack

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Gavin Lister. Heir to the Pride's throne. Ex-Soldier. Lion Shifter.

From the moment he was born, Gavin knew he was one day destined to lead the Pride, that he would one day become Alpha of his clan of lion shifters.

And he shaped his life with that knowledge... but that still couldn't prepare him for the death of his father.

Now, expected to lead the Pride, he is expected to take a wife from a rival clan.

Tradition is tradition, and Gavin has no problem with that... until he meets the sexy, curvy, and strong-willed Vicky.

The woman stumbles into his life, into the world of shifters, blind and innocent.

God, she’s sexy as sin, the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

His inner beast claws at his insides to be freed, to mate with her, to claim her as his one true mate.

But in order to make her his own, he has to defy centuries of tradition...

...and risk everything, including his kingdom.

But Gavin knows she's worth it.

He's going to do everything it takes to make Vicky his mate.

Even if it means tearing down everything he has known in the process...


Curvy Vicky has always felt she got the short end of the stick in life.

But that never stopped her from persevering, and gave her plenty of sass and spunk to boot.

She doesn't back down. She takes the bull by the horns.

But what she never expected was to fall into the world of the shifters.

What she never expected was for a gorgeous, hard-bodied Alpha Lion to set his hungry eyes on her...

To declare her his mate... with the promise that she will be his.

This lion shifter looks at her as if he's the predator...

...and she's his prey.

But the more Vicky gets to know Nathan, the more complicated her feelings get for a man who is risking everything to make her his.

The question is, will Vicky be willing to risk everything she has... to make the sexy, dominating Lion Shifter hers?


Lion: Call of the Shifter is a sexy and suspenseful full-length paranormal shifter romance featuring an Alpha who has to make the biggest sacrifice he has ever known to make sure that the curvy, strong woman he's fallen head-over-paws for becomes his fated mate forever. This romance novel concludes with a happy ending and NO CLIFFHANGER!


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Chapter 10
Chapter 10

I wanted Blake to be done and suddenly, he was flying into action, trying to tackle our attacker. Blake barely missed, but managed to get the guy off guard and knock the gun out of his hand. In my mind, the lion shifter was wreathed in righteous flame, a glowing bastion of goodness and all things right in the world. I loved the sight, ……

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