AUSTRALIA: The Puppeteer (The Puppets of Washington Book 2)

Lavina Giamusso

750 reads

The race is on - and it's not only against time, it's against the CIA and Mossad, both of whom are after the mysterious kingpin known only as The Puppeteer. And if Talya and Samuel don't get to The Puppeteer before the CIA and Mossad do, it will be the end for them. Everything they own - especially their lives - is at stake here.

Although Talya and Samuel were officially cleared of charges of treason against the State of Israel, it seems that someone wants to see the verdict of "innocent" overturned - and this could have severe consequences for Talya and Samuel. Their only hope is to fight their way through the tangled web of lies, masks and coverups and get to The Puppeteer in time. Their peril-fraught search, and flight from sinister forces who would rather see them dead, takes them across the world, to both Australia and Europe - although this time they have allies, in the form of The Canadian Secret Service.

In The Puppeteer, the second volume in The Puppeteer of Washington series, the rollercoaster narrative, with all of its unexpected twists and turns, will take you on a nailbiting ride through a number of countries. Get ready for the journey of your life when you enter the world of The Puppeteer of Washington.

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Chapter 74
Chapter 74

Samuel returned to the little apartment on rue Victor Hugo soon after Mark had left. The lone traveling bag by the door told him that Talya was ready. She was waiting for him in the lounge room.

“I’ll get your jacket,” Samuel said as she stood up from the sofa. “Do you need anything else? Have you taken your medications?”


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