The Complete Eagle Cove

M. L. Buchman

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-The Complete Eagle Cove: five small town Oregon romances-

Eagle Cove lies in the heart of the Oregon Coast. It’s the land of seagulls and sand pipers, of microbrewers and music, of judges who run diners and women who rebuild classic airplanes. Living alone deep in the woods here barely counts as being eccentric.

Come join the romantic journey led by critically-acclaimed author M. L. Buchman (3x Booklist "Top 10 Romance Author of the Year" and many more). Let this unique collection of five charming love stories sweep you down to the stunning beaches of the Oregon Coast. These four novels (plus a short story) are The Complete Eagle Cove.


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“It was a kiss that I’ll never forget. A girl never forgets her first real kiss, no matter how old she is,” Cynthia said the last to Skylar who only blushed in return. Young girls were kissed and plenty more these days, but by that blush she’d guess that Skylar still hadn’t found the right man to make a memory which lasts a lifetime.……

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