Diary of a Maggot

Robert Jeschonek

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A murder victim makes a tasty feast for a family of flesh-eating maggots. But when the maggots become the murderer's next targets, their gruesome banquet turns into a killing field. Can a single courageous worm with a vision inspire the survivors to fight back? Perhaps a brilliant, twisted trick will bring down the monster and serve up the meat for a bloody new feast. And the maggots' moment of glory might give way to the dark fulfillment of their deepest, wildest secret. Don't miss this twisted horror tale with a difference. Welcome to the latest shocker from award-winning storyteller Robert Jeschonek, a master of mind-bending horror and dark fantasy.


Tags: murderdarkzombiekingtwisted
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Diary of a Maggot-3

Two weeks later, I awaken in the hole at the base of the cliff...and I'm a new person.  Completely transformed.

Clambering out of the hole into the light, I stretch my spindly new legs and sniff the cool, humid air.  I take a look around with my multifaceted eyes, catching every detail of the world in all directions.

The Great Beast'……

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