Get It Out of Me | A Horror Novel

Wayne Kyle Spitzer

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The fog is very thick now. Beth tums and walks back to her car, gets in. Frodo whimpers and whines. Beth pets him, comforts him. She glances at the rail car in front of her: the door with the graffiti on it is now open. She can see clean through the boxcar to the blazing white lights on the other side. She sits back, not sure what to make of this, and looks out her side window.

      A masked figure clothed in surgery green is right outside the glass, peering in. It reaches through the partially open window and grabs her by the hair. Beth shrieks. Frodo goes berserk, snapping and barking. The figure wrestles with Beth violently; it is trying to inject her with something—a syringe full of yellow fluid. Suddenly another figure is at the passenger-side window, reaching through the gap, groping for the door handle. Frodo attacks its arm savagely, bloodying it, and it quickly withdraws. Beth puts the car into reverse, starts backing up—collides with the vehicle behind her. The tires of her car spin wildly; they are hopelessly pinned. There is a crash as the passenger-side window is smashed out. Another figure reaches in, zapping Frodo with a taser, debilitating him. The commotion distracts Beth just long enough so that the figure with the syringe is able to inject her. She grunts and moans in pain.


Tags: seriouswar
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Chapter 4-12

WHEN SHE PEEKS BETWEEN the blinds she sees that police vehicles have begun arriving and that helicopters have begun to circle the motel. But there’s more: the motor home from the day before—the one with the parabolic antennae on top—has pulled in behind the patrol cars, followed by the pickup and travel-trailer from the train incident.


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