Swap Out!

M. L. Buchman

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-a Dead Chef thriller-
Before there was Kate Stark there was Jeff the Chef.
He has one simple choice: Sauté! Smile!E:E Die!

U.S. Special Forces are “taking down” television’s culinary superstars.

Someone watched the pot?
Cried over spilt milk?
Cooked the goose but not the gander??

Only Jeff the Chef knows, and he’s next!

His recipe for survival:
Step 1. Finding the woman who refused him years ago
Step 2. Boarding the nastiest helicopter that was “never built”
Step 3. Descending into a renovated missile silo that “doesn’t exist”
Step 4...

To survive is gonna take one hell of a Swap Out!


Tags: lightheartedfemale leadrealistic earthcrime
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Jeff faced the camera and smiled. He wanted to dance a jig. Perhaps he would. Right up on the counter.

Save it for the commercial break. Podcast and Internet audience would go through the roof. Not that they wouldn’t already.

The word was out, but Mandy had insisted on staying in the background.


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