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#Inktober2018 Prompts Turned to Art

This collection contains short stories inspired by the word prompts and the daily sketches of two artists.

Stories included:

  • Machimagic

  • Mecha-Chicken Race

  • Sweet, Hot Taffy

  • Have You Tried Turning Her Off and On Again?

  • Come and Get It

  • Hewoo

  • Berenice’s Hair

  • Closely Guarded Secret

  • The Veil

  • Fluffy or Shiny?

  • Explosive Decompression

  • Welcome to the Asterism

  • Sir Patrick and the Mermaid

  • The Redjus

  • Generations of Gold

  • A Trillion-Dollar Rock

  • Messenger in a Bottle

  • Gorgoneion

Some stories are sci-fi, some are fantasy, and some are even based on mythology. The important thing is that these are all inspired by the daily sketches made by philtomato and bloodsplach. One sketch per day, one story per day.

The result is the collection you’re reading right now. It’s black and white, it’s raw, it leaves ink stains on your fingers.


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“Tell Perseus he’s a pussy,” Stheno yelled, disembowelling another one of his men. His partner just stood there in terror, looking through his mirrored shield.

Stheno mo……

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