A Thousand Eves

George Saoulidis

350 reads

Aboard a Generation Ship, Men Are Optional

Y The Last Man meets Battlestar Galactica in this generation spanning space story.

When Ash returns from his scouting mission, he finds the generation fleet 60 years older and run over by women. But will he manage to deliver his precious data to the ship's computer, when his only friends are a teenage girl and a chauvinist drone, when every woman aboard wants to kill him on sight and when the bloodthirsty leader Una wants to stop things from changing?

Do you want to see what's next for the Ash the Last Scout and Dot the only orphan? Do you want to meet AI Luna? Then read this multifaceted space story that challenges the very foundations of humanity.


Tags: adventure
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Chapter 35: Gen 8















Chapter 35: Gen 8


Tam, despite her bloody rise to power proved to be much more reasonable than Una. She let them go. She also changed Una’s tribal decor into more modern stuff, art deco she called it.


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