Wolf of Cash


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Leo Collins is a money-laundering specialist, a Real Estate expert, and a Wall Street genius. He is wealthy and has connections to all of the local gangs. Things go south though, when he is arrested and released after only nine months; when his partners begin to suspect that he bargained for a lighter sentence by agreeing to roll over on them.
In order to keep Leo quiet, a hit is put on his head, and, when three assassins barge into his hotel room, he has no chance. When push comes to shove though, rather than giving the assassins the satisfaction of taking his life, Leo leaps to his death through an open window.

The minute Leo hits the ground, he blinks, and he finds himself back in 2002. He is 17 years old again, and he quickly realizes what a gift he has been given. He can take everything that he learned in his last life and make better use of those teachings. He can right wrongs. And he can get revenge on those that did him wrong.


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198 An Invitation

Leo looked at Edmond from across the desk in his office. Their eyes met, and he said, "Making money isn't easy, and the only guaranteed way to preserve it and make more of it is though investments with Freshwater Funds Group. Our products are not the same as leverages and futures, where you could lose all of your money in a blink of an eye. If y……

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