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Mason Cooper has been reborn.
One minute, he is a thirty-year-old man living in Canada, and the next, he is a toddler living in Kentucky, in an alternate timeline.
To complicate things even more, inside Mason is something called an “Operator,” which is a mysterious robotic-like system that has the possibility of granting him superpowers.
With his quest to constantly improve his abilities and see what the system can do for him, what will Mason encounter as he starts to navigate the world as a police officer?


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179 – The Bet

Mason let Ivan’s words enter one ear and exit the other. It didn’t matter what Ivan’s wishes might be, as he was the one responsible for Amelia Rigby’s death. 


He chuckled as he let Ivan continue to wait in anticipation for a confrontation that wasn’t going to happen. It pleased him that the man was so frantic.


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