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According to legend, the Devilish and the Chosen coexisted together before the time of humans. They had great power but completely different personalities. The world stayed in harmony until they competed for control of human beings, resulting in the Glory War.

After the war, a powerful force split everything and several worlds were consequently formed. Thousands of years later, humans rebuilt civilization and took over the world. But the Devilish and the Chosen continued to terrorize humans, determined to achieve world domination.

Brian Cloon, the young son of a small grocery store owner, was born in this age of change. Despite the fact that he was not a person suitable to practice magic, he became the student of the unscrupulous magician Ron Bloomber by accident.

Together with his three friends, Ken Millerys, Betty Frien, and Norry Fosteroy, he went on a journey to pass the test to become an apprentice of magic. Their adventures led them to what was later referred to in the scriptures as the Creation of the World of Seers.


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138 – Hospital Preparations

Harvey stepped forward and greeted respectfully, "Good morning, Mr. Brian. I've made some arrangements for you. There’s an abandoned warehouse down the street. It used to be a storage for ore and metal spindles, but the owner fell into bankruptcy and needs to sell the land.”

“I’ve checked it out for you,” he added, “It's quite spacious……

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