The Sex Ring

A.J. Llewellyn

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Edan doesn’t believe in ghosts…so why does he feel compelled to believe the second he’s in possession of THE SEX RING?

Struggling filmmaker Kristofer Edan accepts a cash pay day to model the leather ensembles owned by recently deceased, celebrated artist Rafael Ortiz at an auction. Kristofer soon finds himself coveting one jacket in particular that has an unusual addition: a sex ring dangling from its epaulette.

When Kristofer wins the jacket in a second-chance bid, he’s in for a big surprise…the sex ring seems to have an intense energy, that when in use, conjures up sexual dreams and powers that Kristofer never had before. He soon becomes obsessed with the ring and the dead artist…painting huge canvasses that people say resemble those of Ortiz himself. Kristofer starts to feel the dead man’s presence and senses that Rafael is just as obsessed with him….or…is Kristofer possessed by him?


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Chapter Six

Chapter Six

I drove around PCH looking for new digs. Most of the places I saw were decrepit.

One place even had a completely charred kitchen courtesy of the previous drug-addled tenants. It had an ocean-view, was otherwise spacious and, it was rat free. The kitchen was alarming and in spite of the landlord’s reduced rent ……

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