The Camino

A.J. Llewellyn

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Each year thousands of people make a spiritual journey called The Camino, an ancient walk through Europe, crisscrossing through France, Portugal and Spain. When Antonio embarks on The Camino, he is one step away from becoming a transitional deacon, the final phase before becoming a priest, but feels his new-found desire for other men violates his chosen vocation. Even as he questions his ability to enter the religious life, his dreams are haunted by a handsome mysterious stranger who rouses his passions. On the journey he meets a fellow pilgrim, Jeb, who is questioning his own life and seeking answers. Jeb looks just like the man in his dreams…

Little does he know, the choices he needs to make in his heart are about to get more difficult…than he could ever have imagined. How can he, a man devoted to God’s work, possibly love a man who has sold his soul to the devil?


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Chapter Six

Chapter Six

They set out two days later for the next leg of The Camino to Puente la Reina, Jeb feeling more or less normal. Antonio had bought a few items of clothing for him, toothpaste and good walking boots. He’d also found him a second-hand backpack at the grocery store that the owner donated when he found o……

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