Lion's Lover

Lion's Lover

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Serena Blakely made two deathbed promises to her first lover: first that she will love again; and second that she will go on safari with her uncle to hunt the legendary Great Lion. Nothing could’ve prepared her for what she finds on the African plains. Her uncle’s hunting companion is the sexiest man she has ever met, but more than that, she also meets the ngatu, a shapeshifting lion-man right out of African folklore. And the ngatu wants Serena for his mate!

Aubrey Darnell has a secret. The broken heart that once drove him from England to Africa has now transformed him into the ngatu, a shapeshifter lion and man. He has managed to keep his identity a secret. Until now. The mere scent of Serena Blakely sends him into the change. She is his mate, and her love can cure him . Now he must seduce the beautiful young Englishwoman without her finding out he’s the very man she’s promised to hunt.


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Chapter 3

“I need to shave,” he told her, “and then I’ll join you outside. Would you please send in one of the bearers?”

Serena hesitated, not quite knowing how to tell him that some of the servants had fled, believing him to be the ngatu. Indeed, by his appearance this morning, she found the idea much easier to believe.


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