Sinful Desires

Emmanuel Lang

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First an indecent proposal…then a ménage…and now…marriage!
The love saga between Scott White and his corporate mogul lover continue when, once again, Arthur makes Scott a proposal he cannot refuse…only this time, it’s a marriage proposal! Scott accepts and is drawn even deeper into Arthur’s world of abundant pleasure and wealth.

Amidst his new whirlwind existence as the focus of the media and student of high social etiquette, Scott is determined to hear Arthur say the words “I love you” and makes it his mission to help Arthur face his past and heal from the emotional scars of the trauma that keeps him from allowing anything more between them than the satiation of lust. If only it were that…simple.

An old enemy surfaces and is bent on exacting revenge. When Scott is kidnapped, Arthur is forced to face his true feelings. But will he get the chance to tell the one person who means everything to him before it’s too late?


Tags: BxB
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Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven Happily Ever After

I was in heaven.

I opened my eyes and looked at my surroundings. Everything around me was white. Heaven is so beautiful and peaceful, I thought and smiled.

My eyes rested on Arthur and I frowned. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and his head drooped as he slept. He was sle……

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