Sinful Pleasures

Emmanuel Lang

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What would you do if someone made you an indecent proposal and offered you the world in exchange for your will and your body?

Scott White is a twenty-one year old virgin who’s ecstatic when he’s offered his dream at Graham Enterprises, one of South Africa’s biggest conglomerates. He comes from an impoverished background and has worked very hard to finish school and land a decent job. Little does he realize that he has caught the eye of CEO and owner of Graham Enterprises, Arthur Graham.

Arthur has worked very hard to escape the demons from his past and build an empire. He is immediately drawn to shy, innocent Scott and consumed by a desire to possess and dominate him. He propositions Scott and makes him an offer he cannot refuse. Scott has to agree to be his sex slave and cater to his every sexual need, no matter how…kinky.

Scott agrees and is immediately drawn into a world where money and pleasure are all that matter. But how long can he last in this world without falling for his aloof, enigmatic master?


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The sequel!

Thank you for reading! The sequel is also posted on Dreame with Sinful Desires. Go to my page and check it out!

Sinful Desires

First an indecent proposal…then a ménage…and now…marriage!
The love saga between Scott White and his corporate mogul lover continue when, once again, Arthur makes Scott a proposal he cannot……

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