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"Sometimes hiding in the shadows has its perks.

Have you ever felt as though you were being watched, that at any given moment someone is waiting for the right moment to pounce! the dread that comes along with the fear.

Even in the comfort of your own home, the fear never leaving your side - this little creation pf mine is about those whom disregarded all of my warnings, all the signs, everything!

No matter, there time will come soon, fear not dear reader, i assure you by the end of this you shall return to your life unscathed.

You have my word." - M.B
Originally written on Wattpad under the title "short horror stories" now renamed "Touch"


Tags: MurderParanormalDarkSuicideGhostPsychoWitchBeastTragedyTwisted
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Chapter 5

Dreams, a place one’s soul and heart ventures out to, to escape the confines of the real world. Some say that you dream of the thing that you think of most during the day, others believe that you dream of what you truly desire, a mystical land of your choice, whether it be good or bad. Whether in the dream it is nightmares chasing you around thr……

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