Glory Glory Rebels

Golded Feet

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In 1998, Murdoch’s acquisition of Manchester United would have been finished soon. A group of young and fanatic fans betrayed the club, and they established a new club to replace the Manchester United, which had been rotted by capital and acquired by another huge company. They changed the team's training ground to Newton Heath's stadium where Manchester United had been fighting for. They dyed their shirts with green and gold lines, and they thought they were the direct inheritors of Rebels. They called themselves “Undefeated Rebels”! Because they loved the Manchester United’s so much, they chose to betray it!


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Chapter 43 Sold Out

Courtney took the time to re-read all the information she had gathered on Droylsden. They were an amateur club in the Northern Super League, they were not very popular, and the highest recorded attendance for the stadium was 1300 people. The majority of those people had come to see the team Droylsden was facing; otherwise, the stadium was nearly……

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