Blue Plague: The Great Silence

Emery C. Walters

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"On a first-class flight, Bruce encounters a service dog that’s only slightly less annoying than the woman who owns it. What no one realizes is that, thanks to a monkey bite, the dog is now a vector for a plague that will soon sweep the planet.

A sexy, young flight attendant named Burk offers to help Bruce home and to stay with him while on break. Burk organizes Bruce’s home for survival as they watch civilization begin to fall apart. Slowly, they collect others in need, including a young transman. When they hear cathedral bells calling the survivors to come together, they all pitch in to help.

Can love bloom amidst the apocalyptic death and destruction?"


Tags: bxbgay
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Chapter 16

Chapter 16

I awoke around seven. The sun was up, the day was shining, Burk was stretched out naked beside me. There was a weight on my stomach; it was my cat. The kitten was on Burk’s hip. I heard snoring from the floor beside me. There was Finn, curled up in a blanket, with Miranda beside her. Both asleep. It looked like it was going ……

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