The Saran Plague

A.C. Katt

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"On far away Sarran, the Warriorpair Jonal and Tonas, along with the rest of the planet's males, lost their Fem when the Zyptz unleased a toxin that killed only females. Sarrans mates in Triad, two males with one female, and without fems, their civilization stared extinction in the face.

But the Sarrans are tough and smart. They searched the galaxy for a genetically compatible species and found Earth. They were told the Earthen fems were an inferior species, with many unable to establish the psychic link essential to the triad bond, but they had to try.

En route, from as far out as the asteroid belt, they heard fem voices calling to the mates. Success! But their joy is short-lived, because the human fems are in pain -- they are dying. The Zyptz found Earth before the Sarrans and unleashed their toxin.

Admirals Jonal and Tonas are determined to obtain a fem at almost any cost, and rush to save Anya, because they've already mated with her in their minds."


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Chapter 14-4

TeZarron shouted to Jonal, “Get Anya and Tonas out of here, this chemical is not safe for living things.”

The remainder of the rescue party remained to do a mop-up.

Later, back in the Medical Lab, Juraens and Mark lay in each other’s arms and spoke about the day.

“You never told me you were dealing with roaches,” Mark sai……

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