Dark Pheonix

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Jamie was 12 years old when she lost her vision in an accident. She believes there is always specific time for certain things but when love knocks on Jamie's door she is swept off her feet when the famous Ice Queen Valentine, the daughter of city's Drug Lord, falls for her. With her complicated life and everything going on will she be able to love Valentine or will she let her go?...

Valentine who is feared among all her peers is a dangerous and cold-hearted girl who is also the daughter of City's Drug Lord Damian. She parties, races, does stunts and lives life on the edge. There is no space for love in her life. But what will happen when Love will sweep her right off her feet and she won't be given a choice? Will she fight it or just go with it?

Follow the lives of two very different persons. Both are brought together by one thing we all know as 'Fate'. Their journey on discovering themselves and their truths.


Tags: BillionaireNew AdultRomance
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Part 3

It had been more than two weeks and there were no signs of Valentine. Every day while returning home, Jamie would hope to meet the other girl but it never happened. There was this strange urge in her to meet her, listen to her voice and somewhere deep down, to touch her. Never has Jamie ever felt this way for anyone before in her life, not even ……

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