Beyond Her Promises (editing)(Complete)

Dark Pheonix

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All was good in Sammy's life until one decision changed everything. She had lost all hope for herself and love. All that changed when Amber came along and changed everything for her. They both changed eachother's lives..

This is my first book ever so please be patient. Any similarities with other stories or their characters is totally coincidental and it's all a work of fiction. Mature language is used so If you're not above 17, please avoid.


Tags: KidnappingLGBT+New AdultRomance
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Part 28

Amber's P.O.V:

                              Finally, the day that I have been waiting for was here. Our wedding day. I haven't seen Sammy since the night we spent together. Mom was furious when she found out and didn't let us see each other again. I was sad but re……

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