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Just when you thought a one night stand was the best in your life since you lost your virginity to the handsome stranger, it rather turned your life upside down when you found out you are pregnant. your parents withdraw their support for you and asked you to move out of their house since you are old enough to get pregnant.

This is the exact story of melany montero a 18 years old high school senior who gets pregnant by the famous business tycoon and CEO of the payn group of companies 30 year old miles payn

also what will happen when miles found out about the pregnancy and that the little kid he had a one night stand with is not just pregnant but dating his younger brother. what also happens when melany founds out miles is engaged to a beautiful model who seems not to live miles alone.

will miles be with his baby mama or the supposedly love of his life or both.


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Chapter Sixty-One

Mel's POV.

Watching my two favorite people in the world makes me so fulfilled. Who would have thought that all the tribulations I went through this past year was for something so beautiful: My daughter and my husband. I watched as he cuddled our baby to bed. I felt kind of jealous because they look so cute together and are in……

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