Held Captive

Amuelle Aguilar

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  Eve Williams is one of the top agents in Safronov agency.
  Her goal is simple: To be the best and the greatest premier agent Safronov agency have ever had.
  But everything changes when she made a one, simple, and stupid mistake.
  She was only given an easy task: To give a note to a messenger. That's it. No sweat.

  But even the best makes mistakes.

  She had unintentionally given the note to an attractive and alluring guy.. who worked for their rival agency.

  How will she fix the mess that she made? How will she stop the forbidden attraction she's feeling towards the dangerous-but-sexy guy who worked for their enemy?


Tags: AdventureAssassinMysteryRomanceGang
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Chapter 22

Chapter 22

He gazed at me. His dangerous eyes are pinned on my whole being. Like he's casting a spell in me that no matter how hard I want to cut my gaze on him, I just couldn't. And the way he stared at me made me shiver. There was threat there—which was expected—and interest—which wasn't.

It was the interest that made me sh……

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