Secrets of the Academy

Amuelle Aguilar

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Aleah Diaz lives in the magical world of Torniquo. She was a watch in her past life. She knows the exact time of certain things.


Aleah Diaz is not Aleah Diaz at all.
She lied about her name.
She lied about who she really is. 
She lied to Cyker and the rest of the gang.
She is NOT Aleah Diaz.
She is a liar.

And there's only one person who knows everything about her. Fivo Cipriano. The man that she wants to forget. The man that she wants to avoid.

She is not just an ordinary student like everyone thinks she is.
She's an agent and she needs to hide her true identity.
She was ordered to find a way to break the Fier Academy, the mysterious school located in the heart of Torniquo. Pero hindi iyon ganun kadali at kasimple. Halos lahat ng mga pumapasok sa misteryosong eskwelahan na iyon ay hindi na nakakalabas. Walang multo sa loob ng paaralan na iyon. Walang anuman ang nakakatakot sa loob ng lugar na iyon.

Everything inside it is magical. It was a spell academy before. The school is surrounded with enchantment. She can only succeed with the help of one man. Of one man she doesn't want to have anything to do with. Fivo Cipriano.

She just can't help but to feel angry with that man. Maybe because..

The thing that she will never do.
He did without hesitation.


Tags: 5 Seconds of Summer
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His Letter

Dear Mama,

Summer na po. At ang init-init. I don't know why you don't want to take us to the beach or to the river. Kahit sa swimming pool lang. Gusto kong magpaturong magswimming kay Papa pero ayaw niya. I don't know what's the reason. Siguro busy lang si Papa sa family business nat……

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