The bet

Shivani Sharma

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It's all started with a bet.

Alex Williams is the most popular playboy in the school goal high who has sleep with every girl in the school except one Elena Khurana. His friend Mike makes him bet to sleep before the completion of their last high school year. But what happens if when falls each other.

Will he tell her about the bet or will he keep it to himself. Will he complete the bet or will he stay with her even after sleeping with her. When Elena know about the bet will she forgive him or will she hate him?


Tags: sex
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I do not do relationship

(Alex P.O.V)

wow, rude much. I know she likes to be alone and I was annoying her with my nagging, but she did not need to be so rude to me. My thoughts were interrupted by the knock on my door.

"Who's there," I ask annoyed.

"It's me, Alex, can I come in?" Alisha said on the other side of the door.

"Sure," I sai……

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