Sister Spy

Menahem Misgav

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During the Second World War, the Soviet Intelligence recruits Jewish Czech children - hidden by their parents in monasteries in fear of the Nazis - and trains them as Russian spies. When Zionist orientations help survivors immigrate to the Jewish state, a young sister and her brother become Jewish spies in Israel. She is a beautiful woman, with the ability to extract government secrets from powerful men. He is a sausage maker - an intestine handler. When the intestine handler is found hanged from the ceiling of a sausage factory, the Israeli General Security Service is called into action. The beautiful woman spy is called to play double agent in an international web of secrets and lies, with her life and the life of her father at stake.


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Chapter 27.

Chapter 27.


On June 6, 1982, the Lebanon War broke out. It was officially referred to as ‘Operation Peace for Galilee’. Anna was stationed by the Service in a military compound in a town called ‘Naqoura’, opposite of ‘Rosh HaNikra’ on the Lebanese side. Foreign military advisors who were captured by……

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