Mafia's Plain Jane

Sarah L\'aMour Khan

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Jane Andrews is an inexperienced new attorney who had proof that would put New York city's most notorious mafia leader behind bars for the murders of her former boss and his client. She wasn't afraid of Vitale Marchetti's power and influence. She avoided thinking about what he could do to her. 

She expected getting hurt- maybe even getting killed but she never expected the cold young leader to become fascinated by her plain self... or that his fascination would turn into deadly obsession.


His hollow blue eyes and the emotionless expression on his face scared her more than the man who stood in front of her and roughly grabbed her chin. "Look at her... not so brave now is she boss?" 

"Don't touch her Gio." She noticed Vitale blow out a puff of unhealthy smoke before he sighed almost in boredom and walked towards them with a gun in one hand and his cigarette in the other. Her eyes followed him and widened in fear when she saw him raise the gun up and carelessly shoot. Her screams were muted by the gag in her mouth but she heard Gio's scream very clearly and saw him fall to the ground in pain. 

 He put the gun down and slowly raised his hand to her face. She instinctively moved back but the ropes tying her down didn't let her get far. "Shh shh. It's ok Tesoro... in my defense I did tell him not to touch you," he whispered catching a fresh tear that rolled down her cheek. He pulled the gag out from her mouth. 

"Do you- do you plan to kill me too?"

His brows furrowed and the slightest hint of a smile graced his beautiful face, "Kill you? No. I... plan to keep you."


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