From Siberia with Love

Ilana Cohen

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Edith falls for a man from the other side of the world. The impulse and passion he has brought to her world will turn her life upside down. Edith just can’t resist her overwhelmingly powerful attraction to Alex . . .A love as strong and crazy as this must be Edith’s destiny. Can Edith induce her lover to leave all else and fulfill their shared destiny?


Tags: Karma/DestinyOpposites AttractGoodgirlPowerfulDramaBxG
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Chapter 32

Chapter 32

“What does she want from you?” Edith asked the unnecessary question. The tears pouring out of her broken heart had not yet dried on her makeup-smeared face and already she was on his side again. This process always happened somehow every time she was close to her beloved. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one who was swept after ……

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