Bury the Lie

Lili Benkel-Bergman

11500 reads

A beautiful and ambitious journalist meets a wealthy doctor who is a second generation to the Holocaust, like herself. She is very successful at her job, but at the same time feels herself entrapped in her personal life, unable to break free from the walls she has built to protect herself. Encouraged by her therapist, she joins her lover on a trip to Vienna, only a few miles from Mauthausen Concentration Camp, where both their parents were imprisoned. A few days later, they will board the flight home after a drama that will change their lives forever.


Tags: FamilyKarma/DestinyOpposites AttractGentleSensitivePsychoPowerfulNeighborMillionaireDoctorDramaBxG
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Chapter 18-2

At this stage, Yael simply hid her head in her hands, and I couldn’t see another reason for her to do that except to cry! But I was on a mission, so I continued, “I won’t be coming here anymore. Not because I’m angry, not even because it would be hard for me to trust you, or because I think you did a bad job. On the contrary, you did a wonderful……

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