The Hunt

Brad Stevens

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Great Britain in the year 2068.

A totalitarian government has passed laws preventing women from voting or having abortions. When a feminist group launches a terrorist attack, the state responds by creating The Hunt, a weekly contest in which ten randomly selected women are pursued by ten male Hunters across an abandoned district of London. Mara Gorki is a successful crime novelist trying to keep her lesbian relationship a secret. Horrified by what is happening in the country, she seldom leaves her apartment, attempting to create a private universe where she and her lover can hide.

But the external world comes crashing in when Mara is conscripted into The Hunt. Mara enters the contest determined to elude her pursuers, but the consequences of failure are too terrifying to contemplate.


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Book 3 - Mara Gorki (After the Hunt)

Book 3

Mara Gorki

(After the Hunt)


Chapter 15



When she arrived home, the first thing Mara noticed w……

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