The Consultation

Christopher G. Colletti

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A multifaceted story of rage, hatred, desperation, murder, and love.

The Consultation delves into the tormented mind and motivations of a serial killer. However, this is not an ordinary mindless serial killer who kills for pleasure or notoriety. He kills for a specific purpose. A purpose that is thoroughly explored when two experienced and dedicated police detectives engage in ‘consultations’ with a highly distinguished professor of criminology.

The professor brings to life the serial killer’s psychological motivations and personal desires, answering difficult questions that delve deep into the killer’s mind. When the two detectives believe they may have finally identified the serial killer, they certainly do not like who it has revealed.


Tags: Police
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Chapter 14
Chapter 14

Chapter 14


That evening, the time now came for Professor Stamo’s dinner date with Stephanie. He drove up to her apartment building and found a parking spot near its entrance. After he parked, he just sat in his car for a few moments to gather his thoughts and ……

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