Lucifer's Academy (FILIPINO)

Chris Oca

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The girl who always chews bubblegum in her mouth in order to avoid conversations, Neferipitou Iceah Freecs, seemed to be hopeless in finding the right school for her. Not that she cares. But for some reason, every time she enters a new school, she always ends up beating people and sending them to the Hospital.

Out of discipline, her father enrolled her to a school where he thinks Neferipitou will learn her lesson. A school that speaks for its name, Lucifer's Academy.

Little did they know that the school is a ground where demons keep their secrets and enjoy their feast. And once Neferipitou enters it, there is no return for it will change her to the person that the demons wanted her to be.

Disclaimer: If morbidity is your cup of tea, you got the right book for you.


Tags: murderdarkFBIkickass heroinemafiatragedytwisted
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"The application forms are booming from one to infinity!" bulalas ni Sebastian nang buksan niya ang official email ng Lucifer's Academy. Napalingon ako kay Lufy-nee-chan na preteng nakaupo lang dulo ng mahabang lamesa rito sa loob ng paaralang itinayo mula namin mula sa alikabok.


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