You are my slave

Bianca G

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Mia is an average girl who's traveled abroad to study medicine. When she meets a handsome and enigmatic stranger. Little does she know that the pull between them , could be deadly.

Adam is a notorious underground gangleader, know for being ruthless and cruel. His out for revenge and has set his sights on the innocent and inexperienced Mia.

"You will be my slave, and help me destroy all my enemies."

Mia's eyes widened as she heard what he commanded in return for everything she wanted. How will she refuse this handsome man who holds her whole future in his grip.


Tags: RomanceForbiddenGangJealousyPregnancy
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New York New York

During the car ride Mia told her friends about the information she had heard from Jaun-Luc's old friend on her visit to Paris."So you're saying your brother came here and never went back to Paris"Emma exclaimed while shaking her head.

Sophie who had listened quietly turned pale at the thought that Jaun-Luc would do that to his family. Jaun……

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