I Am Chosen

Micky Neilson

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In Pleasant Hills, Washington, everyday citizens are killing their fellow residents seemingly at random. Each murder begins with the killer saying the words "I am chosen." The grisly crimes have authorities scratching their heads, until detective Kacey Dean connects them to a popular local resident named Declan Crowe. When Kacey shoots and kills Crowe, she thinks the nightmare is over. However, the killings continue, and it is up to Kacey and her intolerant, obstinate partner Hollis to uncover the secrets and solve the case. Little do either of them know, the true horror has just begun.


Tags: MurderParanormalSerial-killerDarkKickass HeroinePoliceTwistedNo-couple
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Chapter Thirty Five

Hollis sat next to J.D. and across from Kacey at the Red Hook diner, in their familiar booth near the back. 

Bad idea, bringing him into this, Hollis thought. A civilian. And a family member, no less.

Kacey had told J.D. everything, all the way up to their encounter with Valerie Griffin, and had just provided a recap of……

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