Sxra Kxte

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An orphan girl, trapped within the temple of the sisterhood, wishes for a way out.

The forgotten Gods finally come to her rescue through the arrival of another benefactor.

When the first ever temple of the sisterhood began, they needed funds to start up an international organization. But the benefactors were not without cost. Whenever they like they may take a woman of age to be either his wife or servant, this choice was at first based upon their ability to fight, however, later on, they decided that being graceful was equally as important as being a fighter and thus in came dance training.

After eighteen years of training and training for this very moment, she believed it was her time.

Except this benefactor was no ordinary benefactor but the king.

And he requests that his twenty chosen potential wives fight for the position of Queen.

And by fight, I mean it quite literally.


Tags: ActionFantasyRomanceTeenfictionJealousy
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