what happened in Vegas

Jatto zubaidat

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'don't come any closer" I stutter as he takes long strides towards me. I press my back against the shelf and he traps me with his two hands.
'do you really not remember me" he says slowly leaning closer and stopping by my ear. "because l have a feeling you do" he says his minty breath fanning my ear. it made my heart beat faster feeling him so close to me.
I look up at him taking in all his features. I thought I was pretty tall but he was towering over me making me feel inferior.
he was the definition of a handsome, arrogant jerk.
but why can't I take my eyes off him.


Tags: BillionaireNew AdultRomanceForbiddenPossessive
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chapter 1

I run my hand over my skirt for the millionth time today. I examine myself in the mirror hoping I would impress the CEO of corrado Enterprises the biggest company in the country to be his personal assistant. At least it was the best offer I could get for now. I was dressed in a fitted black skirt that stopped above my knee and a pink button up s……

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