The Last Realm: The Blood of Clans

Jonathan Holsinger

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What James thinks is going to be just another ordinary birthday with family, takes an unexpected turn when one of his presents takes him to a world beyond his imaginations. A land where legends, dragons and mythology run rampant and anyone could be something terrible or fantastic. He struggles to explore himself and the new world around him, discovering a plot that could threaten to unravel more than just the realm but even his home. With the help of his new friends, James begins to learn that the mightiest weapon might not be in swords or magic but with words and the power of the mind.


Tags: ActionAdventureFantasyHumorSci-Fi
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17: Firepower!

Shayan snapped and clawed at the Yilbegan, intentionally drawing it back to the north west, near to where it came from. Keiying and Chioma both instructed us to try and treat Tajima and Troy's wounds as quickly as possible, while Anastasia worked with Jace on trying to get one of their barges prepared and ready for us to make an impromptu escape……

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