The School of Dragon Riders

M. M. Razzazl

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In a world where magic and dragons are admired, but very much real, girls and boys from all around the Human Kingdom wish to become Dragon Riders.
When they turn thirteen, they are visited by a group of riders who determine whether they have magical abilities called 'Elements'. People who posses them are dragon riders.
Humans and Ogres have been at war for a long time, but for a reason nobody remembers. Separated and preoccupied with their war, they ignore a threat greater than themselves rising from the Outlands.
Descendant of the war of light against darkness, a creature of darkness plans to conquer all the lands with cruelty and death.
Medea, a regular girl that enjoys tricking people, is oblivious to her powers. Even when she finds out a terrible secret kept from her, it doesn't stop her will to destroy the evil.
At all costs, with or without her friends, she plans to win this war.
But it is dangerous- in the Outlands, it's kill or be killed.


Tags: ActionAdventureTomboyKickass HeroineWarriorNo-couple
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It had been more than ten years since Medea and Citro died.

Since then, many things changed. All the towns in the Human Kingdom were rebuilt, and people stopped living in fear. Ogres were grateful that the Humans had killed Citro, and now the two Kingdoms were at peace, and they had been helping each other out with food and rebuilding the ……

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