My Zombie Army

Olivia Holaday

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*Daily Update* New type of zombie theme story.
“Say hello to the end of the fucking world,” said Elvis White when he found that the street was occupied by disgusting, wandering zombies.
After a strange foggy day, the whole world changed upside down. Colleagues, friends and even family members became stupid, drooling monsters. Wait, why did this zombie eat a beef hamburger? Elvis White
realized that zombies could be trained and had wisdom!


Tags: MurderCultDarkZombiePost-apocalypseDoomsdayDominantPowerful
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  After the fire, Elvis squatted down and gathered up Toe’s ashes. After that, he stood up and said, “Go and find a place to rest.” Then, he turned to Albert and said, “Albert, arrange for several groups of sentries to patrol the grounds within a kilometer.”

  After two battles in a day, all of them were exhausted. They found a c……

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