My Zombie Army

Olivia Holaday

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*Daily Update* New type of zombie theme story.
“Say hello to the end of the fucking world,” said Elvis White when he found that the street was occupied by disgusting, wandering zombies.
After a strange foggy day, the whole world changed upside down. Colleagues, friends and even family members became stupid, drooling monsters. Wait, why did this zombie eat a beef hamburger? Elvis White
realized that zombies could be trained and had wisdom!


Tags: MurderCultDarkZombiePost-apocalypseDoomsdayDominantPowerful
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  When the soldiers were still chewing on what Elvis had just said, the enemy forces reached the rear of the defensive line.

  The three disciples stood completely still, staring angrily at the shield walls in front of them, and not knowing what to do.

  The order they had got from their leaders was to pursue and a……

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