There Will Be Blood


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People around the world are inexplicably, violently killed. There are holes all over the corpses, without any blood left behind. Due to the recurring pattern in the deaths, it is rumored that people are being persecuted by cult organizations.
Although some people are panicking, most are not particularly concerned because things have not spread widely and they have not experienced them personally.
And then, things get worse... along with the dead humans, zombies also start appearing, covered in the same kind of holes... The dead and the zombies have one thing in common: they bleed before they die. These people seem to be able to see some mysterious creature after their blood is exposed to air, yelling "I saw it" and "We will eventually be destroyed".
Therefore, exposure of blood to the air has become highly feared. People frantically try to provide the best protection for themselves, many holing up in personal prisons.
The human condition seems to be controlled by mysterious unknown creatures, and society is in a desperate situation...


Tags: ActionAdventureMurderCultDarkZombiePost-apocalypseBullySensitiveDarkDreame2019
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Chapter 15- Refuge Hunt


The worlds dropped into hell while we are here playing Sherlock. The churches windows on the second and third floor are cracked.

“You girls got any bobby pins on you?”

They look at me skeptically both shaking t……

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