Obscured Possession

cherish herradura

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Sequel to Deadly Obsession.

What would you do if the man that you married turns out to be the one who will give you your greatest nightmare?

A few years after the Jacksonville murders, Helena thought that everything is going to be normal as she moved on married the man of her dreams.

Everything was good until hell broke loose and it turns out that the person who promised her heaven gave her hell instead.

As the dead arises once more and secrets from the past unravel themselves, she will discover that everything is never what it seems like.


Tags: MurderStalkerDarkPossessiveManipulativeTragedy
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Chapter 31

 (Helena's POV)


The sound rang throughout the Jacksonville forest, disturbing the birds and other creatures who are already deep in their sleep. The weight that pins me down suddenly disappeared and I slowly opened my eyes.

"Michael!!" Julian growled, his ear bleeding.

"You should be thankful I didn't……

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