Deadly Obsession

cherish herradura

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Obsession is deadly. That is what highschool senior Helena Blackthorn, a bullied outcast of Jacksonville high, realized after a series of murder that took place around her. A mysterious killer is all out at killing all people at Jacksonville (and even wherever she goes) who grow too close or too rude with her and leaves a stalk of lavender and love letter addressed to her along the corpse of his victims. Who is the killer and how could she escape his deadly obsession?


Tags: MurderSerial-killerDarkPossessiveHighschoolSadisticManipulativeTragedyTwisted
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(Helena's POV)

"You're mine, Helena. Forever..." A voice whispered at me as I sat on the dusty floor of this dark place.

I covered my ears with my hands and shut my eyes tightly. "Go away!! Go away!" I screamed.

"Mine.. Mine.. Mine.." He repeated it like a chant.

"No!! Let me go! I don't……

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