Deadly Obsession

cherish herradura

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Obsession is deadly. That is what highschool senior Helena Blackthorn, a bullied outcast of Jacksonville high, realized after a series of murder that took place around her. A mysterious killer is all out at killing all people at Jacksonville (and even wherever she goes) who grow too close or too rude with her and leaves a stalk of lavender and love letter addressed to her along the corpse of his victims. Who is the killer and how could she escape his deadly obsession?


Tags: MurderSerial-killerDarkPossessiveHighschoolSadisticManipulativeTragedyTwisted
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Special Chapter 1.1

(Allen's POV)

Delilah Sandford. The illegitimate daughter of one of the former town mayor and business magnate. A free spirit. Nobody can dictate her in whatever she does. Not even her grandfather who is basically the most powerful man here in Jacksonville.

Delilah had been my classmate in Jacksonville high ever since we enter……

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