It Started With Her Boobs


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Yashashree Vargantes is in her early 30's and tired of being alone, a narcissist and stubborn sole heir of Vargantes family. She has it all money, fame, lots, expensive cars and amazing techniques in bed. But something is missing. Aleena the breadwinner of her family, a stubborn, bossy, crybaby, smart and a cup woman. She was so busy overworking herself that she is NGSB ( no girlfriend since birth). What will happen when these two meet each other?


Tags: BillionaireLGBT+RomancePossessiveSex
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3rd person's POV

The sun is setting and Aleena's still working on her computer with no lights but the one from her computer screen. The aching feeling from her feet didn't leave even though she already removed her heels. She heaves a sigh as she gazes to the screen.

Just looking at this makes me a thousand times worst - she th……

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