Dullahan: The Headless Knight

M.G. Darwish

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Rumors about a gouging rider of death permeate the lands of King Ronald the Just. His reign brimmed with justice and hope for all those who sought the crown for help in times of need. But alas, not all is as it seems, as the King swiftly sentences a man to death for simply bringing up whispers of the Headless Knight. Timid and nervous, everyone grows tense at the suspicion/feeling that the rumors are more than they appear.


Tags: DemonFantasyRevengeStalkerDark
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Part 6 - Finale

Those words felt like a dagger that was driven at his heart, but he remained still yet, he simply looked at the door that was left a bit open. “Come in,” he said.

In walked Roger with two cups that were filled with red wine. He came towards them but averted his eyes as to not meet Sasha's. He handed them the cups, turned around and walked ……

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