Moonlight Symphony

M.G. Darwish

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In a morbid city, police often resorted to a super detective who tackles the cases that seem unsolvable. The killings under the Moonlight haunted everybody in the city of Finnevile. The only distinguishable patterns were the sudden disappearances, just a smudge of blood on the walls and an eerie Moonlight Symphony playing whenever a victim was found. Growing restless, the renowned detective resorts to some unpopular tactics to put an end to the murderous rampage.


Tags: killer
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Jack was in the middle of a press conference. Journalists were gathering quickly around him. It was about to start. Where the fuck are you, Mael? Don't leave me to deal with these aliens on my own, Jack thought.

Mael was nowhere to be found. A day after the findings, he simply said that he had one last thing to investigate before h……

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